Welcome to Live Better Forever's "Whole30" tab! It is here that you will find all things Whole30, including an overview of the program, recipes, links/resources, etc. This page will be updated regularly to keep things current. It's our hope that you can utilize this page as a reference, leave comments for questions, and check-in frequently. We hope you find this to be a valuable asset, whether it's for your Whole30, or even if you're just interested in exploring healthy eating concepts.

Whole30 Series:
Below are links to a series of posts written leading up to a Whole30 we did in August 2013. The content is meant to help people understand the fundamentals of the Whole30, as well as why Jessie and I did one in the first place.

Whole30 Part I: How and Why We Started

Whole30 Part II: Introduction and Purpose
Whole30 Part III: Calories and Hormones
Whole30 Part IV: Brain Signaling, Satiety and Satiation
Whole30 Part V: Let's Go! 
Whole30 Part VI: What Now?

Also, here's a link to Our First Whole30 we did in October of 2012.

Whole30 Recipes:

This link will take you directly to all of our Whole30-approved recipes. While most recipes in our "Better Recipes" tab are Whole30-approved, some are not. Currently, if you see a recipe that includes a non-approved Whole30 ingredient, there is almost always a Whole30-compliant alternative.

Featured Whole30'ers

This link will take you to a catalog of many of our friends, friends' friends, and family, whom have all participated in at least one Whole30. In an effort to provide helpful feedback for future participants, our Featured Whole30'ers wrote testimonials about their experience. The advice is wide-ranging, practical and very real. We hope you find value in them!

Whole30 Journals:

This post walks you through each day (in order) of our August 2013 Whole30. It includes brief daily journal entries that contain our food & mood logs (what we ate, how we felt). People have found this post to be very helpful in actually realizing what a Whole30 entails. It also gives tons of ideas for meal and [occasional] snack options!

This post shares our January 2014 Whole30 meal plan and grocery list. Use this to help with ideas during your program!

Traveling on a Whole30:

During our last Whole30, Jessie and I each had to travel. While this can make things more difficult, it certainly wasn't impossible. To learn more about tips & tricks regarding Whole30 travel, read Jessie's account at a Bachelorette Party here, and Brian's business trip to Atlanta here. For a quick-glance of different foods you may consider, see this post.

Here's a link to the official program on Whole9's site which includes an abundance of resources and downloadable documents such as their Quick Start Guide and Grocery Shopping Guide.

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