About Us

We all want to live better. To be better people, better partners, better children, better parents, better siblings, better friends and better teammates. To us, living better is a constant study in the best ways to be active, healthy, and most importantly, fill our soul with all that God has intended for us. 

Our goal is simple - we want to share with you in our journey to create a lifestyle that will truly help us all live better forever.

Our Story:

We met at Southern Methodist University in 2009. After many games of tennis and coffee dates, we discovered we have a tremendous amount in common, including a love of running, triathlon, skiing and really any excuse to be outdoors.

Brian and Jessie both work at Southwest Airlines. Brian is dedicated to leadership development and improving Southwest's already number one ranked culture in the U.S. Jessie works in communications and finds joy in inspiring others and bringing people together through a common mission and purpose.

We’re thrilled to share our lives and hope we can help make a difference in this world for the better.

With love,

Jessie  &  Brian 
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