Monday, December 15

Becoming a Coach

Back in October I met David Bertrand for coffee to have a casual conversation about his career path and to learn more about his life story. David is well-known and respected within the coaching and triathlon community, two areas in life I’ve had a long-time affinity for. I wanted to pick his brain.

I’m not sure if it was the coffee, or our dialogue, but we chatted for over two hours – and it felt like ten minutes. Near the end David asked me a question to which I thought the answer was obvious: “Have you ever thought about coaching?” Of course I had. My passion for health/wellness, sharing information, and helping others is far from fleeting; I had just never taken that next step to make it official.

So here I am. Making it official by becoming a Coach with DFW Tri Club. I’m hitching my wagon to an organization that believes in healthy living, keeps training simple, appreciates consistency, and – arguably most important – has fun!

It’s been a big year. 2014 has been filled with milestones: I got married, qualified for Boston, and bought a house. And yet even with all that, the excitement of becoming a coach has still been hard to contain.

David and I met again recently, this time to talk shop on coaching next steps. The conversation was equally as invigorating as the one a couple months back. Nearly two hours went by before we left the restaurant. I walked outside to my car and realized I had left my keys inside, but after several minutes of searching with no luck I was stumped – where the heck were they?

That’s when David made the profound statement: “Dude, your car is running.”

I had left my car running our entire meeting. Whoops.

Here’s to many more memories and milestones in 2015 with DFW Tri Club. Here’s to becoming a coach.

One of my first clients, Will, making me proud after the Dallas Marathon

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