Friday, December 19

A Paleo Thanksgiving

Recently I had one of the healthiest meals I've ever eaten... and it just so happened to fall on Thanksgiving Day. Jessie's dad -- Dr. C -- was the chef who cooked up a delicious and nutritious Whole30-compliant feast. It was incredible. Here are a few thoughts on the experience, followed by our menu list and corresponding recipes.
  • We certainly ate some larger-than-normal portion sizes, but not nearly as much as your standard Thanksgiving due to satiation. It's amazing how your brain encourages you to stop consuming when you aren't eating refined sugars and processed carbohydrates.
  • Jessie and I have hosted a Whole30 Potluck in the past, and the realization is evident that you can, in fact, stick to your healthy eating guns even at parties and social situations.
  • Many would think that omitting some of the Thanksgiving staples (stuffing, bread, etc.) is sacrilegious and disrespects tradition. I'll kindly disagree. Jessie and I don't plan to have Whole30-compliant Thanksgiving dinners every year moving forward. And while certain dishes can hold a special place in your heart, the more important piece is who you're with.

Top Left: Kale Salad
Left: Turkey with Dressing
Bottom: Root Vegetable Mash
Middle: Swiss Chard
Top Right: Squash
Bottom Right: Cranberry Sauce

Recipe links coming soon!

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