Friday, October 3

Boston-bound! (No, seriously...)

On September 24th I received confirmation that I'll be running the 2015 Boston Marathon. I repeat: I have received confirmation.

For those of you who have followed the blog and my progress, you know how tough this has been. There's been promising short-coming's, frustrating finishes and devastating misses. Here's a quick re-cap of my journey to qualify for Boston:

Felt Great to Fail: My first attempt at the Chicago Marathon in 2011. I ran a 3:10:52, coming up about 5min short. Disappointing not to hit the Boston-qualifying (BQ) time, but I was elated to finish with a personal best by 20min.

Closure on Chicago: My second attempt to BQ at the Chicago Marathon in 2012. I ran a 3:10:25, an almost identical performance compared to the year prior. This race sucked. I was fit and fully capable of posting a BQ time, but poor nutrition/fueling got the best of me.

Third Time Not a Charm: My third attempt to BQ at the Dallas Marathon in 2012. Too much too soon, as I wasn't adequately recovered from Chicago. Not to mention, this was a warmer/muggy day in Dallas. Not ideal for a fast marathon.

We Did It!: My fourth attempt in Newport, Oregon in June of 2013 was one of the most special weekends of my life. I BQ'd with a time of 3:03:37 and just after finishing asked my then soon-to-be father-in-law permission for his daughter's hand.

The Quest Continues: In September 2013 demand for Boston exceeded spots available and the cut-off was a mere 15 seconds faster than my BQ time. I was not admitted into the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Houston Marathon: In January I ran the 2014 Houston Marathon... pissed off. Fueled by the fire of non-admittance to Boston, I trained hard and raced hard. I BQ'd with a personal best of 3:02:38. This would be the race that got me in to the 2015 Boston Marathon.

Five marathons in nearly three years, and here we are. Boston-bound. A blog post can't quite do this journey justice. Heck, none of these blog posts can. I've tried my best to express my feelings through written articles, but I don't believe they've lived up to what this experience has really meant. Which is why I'm going to speak it aloud.

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  1. I was pretty excited to come across your blog because I'm going through a pretty similar experience, as far as qualifying for Boston. I ran my 6th marathon in Vancouver, BC last May and got my BQ. Unfortunately, I missed the cutoff by 24 seconds. It ticked me off and now I'm using that as motivation to get a better BQ at the Newport, OR Marathon. Congrats on making all your hard work pay off with a spot in Boston in a few months. I'll be following you!


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