Monday, February 24

Houston Marathon

Welcome to Brian's Houston Marathon page! 

It is here that you will find links to all installments leading up, and related to, the 2014 Houston Marathon. If you're training for a race, I hope you find this to be an asset that can compliment your training regimen. If you're not training for a race, I believe you can still take some fundamentals from this series and apply them to your life. Hopefully this series makes a strong case that it is possible to run less, eat low-carb/Paleo and still perform. At the bare minimum, perhaps you'll get some joy just from reading about my journey!

Below are the links to each post, along with a short description of topics covered. The training program was 16 weeks. Each post has run mileage totals and commentary on the week of training. Most also contain a 'theme' that I highlight below.


Back to Work: The first post! I establish my goal of running a sub-3hr marathon in Houston.
Baseline: I document my fitness before official training begins.
Week 1: The "Base" phase of training: Strength, endurance and proper run form/technique.
Week 2: Hill repeats to build strength.
Week 3: The critical nature of rest & recovery.
Week 4: Building confidence with "Training Races."
Week 5: Controlling emotions throughout training.
Week 6: Why allowing for adjustments in a training schedule is essential.
Week 7: The difference between volume and intensity.
Week 8: Mental strength.
Week 9: The impact climate has on training and racing.
Week 10: The "Build" phase of training.
Week 11: Injury prevention via sports chiropractic. 
Week 12: Massage therapy and its benefits. 
Week 13: Trusting in your training plan.
Week 14: Gaining confidence through key workouts.
Week 15: Tapering.
Week 16: Race week: the final days leading up to the race!
Race Recap: My post-race report, along with thank-you's to all who supported me!

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