Monday, January 6

Jessie's Healthy Travel Kit

Eating healthy while traveling can be tough (we've written about it before here & here). Often times our diet can get out of sync: unfamiliar restaurants, airport food, no access to a kitchen, etc. Jessie heads out of town for business tomorrow, and she's leaving prepared with different snacks. Below are some foods to consider for your next trip, whether you're trying to remain Whole30-compliant, or would just rather have healthier options in general. Enjoy!

Starting at the apple, working our way clockwise...

These snacks are either perfect by themselves, or can compliment a meal (e.g. adding the tomatoes, jerky, etc. to some lettuce as a salad option).


  1. Great travel recommendations! I will use these for my trip next week!

    1. Thanks Sarah! It worked well for this past week!


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