Sunday, January 12

Houston Marathon: Week 14

This is the 16th installment in a multi-part series documenting my path to the Houston Marathon.
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Week 14 Primary Focus:         Build
Longest Run To-Date:             12.75mi

Wow. Big week. Five different runs accounting for the most mileage I've put in throughout all of training. Not only did I run the most this week out of any other week, I ran 50% more than the next highest week. My legs felt it. I know this sounds contradictory to last week's post, but take note that the longest individual run I've still yet to do is under 13mi (less than a half-marathon). That is still significantly shorter than most online running plans that encourage 20+ mile runs.

This week was tough, no doubt. But the workouts were separated with at least 8hrs of sleep, adequate nutrition and proper hydration. In the span of four days I had Yasso 800s and two 2hr tempo runs. The 2hr tempo runs were hard, as I was running on loaded legs. The second of the two was particularly tough as I ran in 20 degree windchill temperature. With 20+ mph winds, it felt like I was running uphill at certain points during the run. It was a great mental workout.

January 2, 2014: Yasso 800s (#5)

On January 2nd I did my fifth and final Yasso 800 workout. For one final refresher I'll remind you that Yasso 800s are a type of speed workout that are said to accurately predict your marathon finish time. The workout goes as follows: 800 meters (two laps around a track, which is 0.5mi) at a fast pace, followed by 400m (one lap around a track, which is 0.25mi) easy for recovery. Then you repeat. 800m fast, 400m slow.

The way in which you determine how fast you run on the 800m portion of the workout is by taking your marathon goal time and applying that to the 800. My marathon goal time is 2:55 (2hrs, 55min), which means my 800m Yasso time would need to be 2:55 (2min, 55sec). Similarly, if your marathon goal time was 4hrs even, you'd have to finish the 800s in 4min. If you recall, the goal is to be able to finish 10 sets of Yasso 800s before the marathon.

On January 2nd, I did it. I finished 10 sets. Jessie as my witness (I made her go out to the track with me), I was able to complete it. Well, I guess I have Garmin as my witness, too (click the link to see details of the workout). Incredibly tough run as my heart rate (HR) was spiking upwards of 180bpm. Below is a graph showing my HR over the course of the entire workout.

It's interesting to look back on the evolution of my Yasso 800s since the beginning.

Houston, here we come!

Well, this was it. The majority of the work is now complete before the Houston Marathon on January 19th. At this point, not a whole lot more can be achieved in the realm of fitness. Remember, you need time to recover in order to reap the benefits of the workouts. From here on out, it'll be maintenance-mode.

Am I ready? I'm not sure... but it'd be nice if Bart Yasso is right.

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