Friday, January 10

Houston Marathon: Week 13

Week 13 Primary Focus:         Build
Longest Run To-Date:             12mi

The mileage and intensity continued to increase this week, despite the Holiday Season (Merry Christmas to you, too, Coach Mike!). I had four different runs this week. Two of them were 90min endurance runs, while the other two focused on speed and pacing. This week -- yet again -- I topped my overall cumulative mileage for the week at almost 29mi.

Three weeks away from the race, one might start to worry. The most mileage I've logged in a given week is just under 29mi, and the longest individual run I've done is 12mi. For grins, I went and looked at a few different online marathon training programs. I glanced at what the cumulative mileage would be for someone at the same point in their training as I am (t-minus 3 weeks).

Here's an example from Hal Higdon's website:

Yes, you're reading that correctly. The total mileage I should have run, according to this program, was right around 50mi, including a 20mi individual run. I've completed a few 10-12mi runs in my training, and my legs were shot. I couldn't imagine how long it'd take me to feel recovered after a 20mi run.

Am I worried?

No. You see, if you couldn't already tell, the training strategy is different. Of course the question is: "Does it work?"

Well, in just a few weeks we'll find out.

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