Monday, January 6

Houston Marathon: Week 12

Week 12 Primary Focus:         Build
Longest Run To-Date:             12mi

This was another tough week as I logged the most mileage since I started training back at the end of September. The most mileage I logged in one week before this week was just over 25.5mi. My runs were a mixture of longer endurance runs with some speed/pacing. As an example, on Saturday I had a 90min endurance (zone 2/3) run scheduled, and on Sunday I had a 1hr pace (@ 6:50/mi) run. As I continue to build, it's amazing perspective to think that in one week I ran the total distance of a marathon -- yet it was spread out over four runs.

Massage Therapy

Jessie and I are firm believers in massage therapy as a way to expedite recovery. Although there are conflicting reports on the benefits of massage, this study seems to confirm what Jessie and I have experienced first-hand: massage appears to work. And at the bare-minimum, it promotes relaxation, helps reduce stress and feels darn good! Throughout all of my training I've been getting a massage at least twice per month. With the help of my coach, I carefully plan when the best time is to get one. Massage is always best saved for recovery days, and should be the last function of the day (e.g. after the easy spin on the bike, not before).

Jessie and I are members at Massage Envy, a large massage chain with locations all over the U.S. We go here because it's conveniently located near our home, and it's affordable. Sometimes these large chains will get a bad rap, which is why we'd encourage you to try a few different massage therapists, find one that does a good job, and stick with them. If it's in your budget, we highly recommend regular massage!

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