Friday, January 24

Bulletproof Coffee

A lot of folks by now have probably heard about "Bulletproof Coffee." You know, the coffee that has butter in it? If you haven't heard of this odd concoction, I'm surprised... as its popularity seems to be building. A little over a year ago Jessie and I heard about it for the first time. A fellow triathlete sent me to this link. We were intrigued, so we gave it a shot.

We were surprised to find that the effects of drinking the coffee were pretty apparent. We had longer-lasting energy throughout the morning, and remained satiated for hours. By consuming only fat for breakfast, we kept our insulin levels low, and fat-burning on. And believe it or not, the coffee was delicious.

Some people have tweaked Dave Asprey's original recipe, including us. We've found this version to be the tastiest. We don't drink it everyday as we're adamant about food variety and believe in the concept of scaling macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat) based on activity level and stress. 

Prep Time: 10min
Cook Time: 5min
Makes: 3-4 cups
Tools: Coffee brewer, blender

3 cups coffee
2tbs ghee*
2tbs MCT oil**
1/4 tsp raw vanilla powder

*Ghee is Whole30 approved, but another alternative if you tolerate dairy is grass-fed butter (butter derived from grass-fed cows).

**As Dave Asprey rightfully points out, you want to build your way up to the proper amount of MCT oil per serving. The first time Jessie and I had this coffee we used coconut oil as an MCT-replacement (coconut oil contains MCT's, but isn't 100%).

1. Brew coffee.
2. Pour hot coffee into blender.
3. Add ghee, MCT oil and vanilla powder.
4. Blend for about 30 seconds.
5. Enjoy!

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