Friday, January 31

Better Food of the Week: Pasture Raised Eggs

Let's play a game. Identify which egg is unlike the others in the picture below.

Eggs & pastured pork bacon
If you guessed the bottom-right egg, the one that is a much lighter yellow, then you're correct! That runt among the group isn't nearly as rich in vitamins and minerals as the other four. Why? Because it's a conventional egg you'd find at your average grocery store. They come from factory-farmed chickens that eat a poor diet and live an even poorer lifestyle. The result is a pseudo-egg. An egg that is inferior in terms of nutrient density to the pasture raised variety.

According to one study, pastured eggs contain 66% more vitamin A, 2 times more omega-3's, 3 times more vitamin E and 7 times more beta carotene than conventional eggs.

Because eggs are a staple of our diet, we feel that it's important to us from a health perspective to purchase the better kind. Pastured eggs are certainly more expensive than factory farmed eggs. When you purchase pastured eggs you aren't just buying higher quality eggs, you're supporting a fundamental pillar of proper farming that treats animals humanely. 

Pastured eggs from a local Texas farm
Next time you're at the store and you buy eggs, look for pasture raised!

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