Monday, December 2

Houston Marathon: Week 8

Week 8 Primary Focus:           Speed, Strength
Longest Run To-Date:             12mi

Last week (Week 7) I had logged the most amount of run mileage since the start of my training. This week I already surpassed it with less runs, they were just much longer. My first run was a speed workout that I did at a nearby track. The second workout was a 90min tempo run where I had to sustain a 6:55/mi pace. And the third was a 2hr endurance run where I kept my heart rate in Zone 2; it was also my longest run to-date at 12mi. As you can tell, this was another big week. The intention was to get some serious work in so that I could recover while on vacation the week of Thanksgiving.

Mental Bank

Two of the three runs this week I've already filed away in what I call my 'mental bank.' They are special runs that I'll specifically remember and tap into during the Houston Marathon, especially when times get tough near the end. I've found it to be very helpful to use a mental bank to help push me through the pain and motivate me to the finish line. The two runs I'll undoubtedly refer to are my 90min tempo run, and my 2hr endurance run from this week of training.

The 90min tempo run was done outside, in the rain, in the dark, while it was 36 degrees. It was also a Friday night; not exactly your typical start to the weekend for a 26-year-old. The climate was the epitome of miserable. Although, it's a possibility that I experience this same climate on race day, so it was a great experience in that regard.

The 2hr endurance run was almost the complete opposite, as it was done inside, on a treadmill. This was arguably just as miserable as the run the night prior in the rain. Two hours on a hamster wheel will make most go insane, but the fact that the only thing on TV in front of me at the gym was women's WWE wrestling made it even worse.

Looking back on those runs (believe it or not) makes me smile. They were win's in a sense that they were solid training runs that I can deposit into my mental bank for future withdrawal. Remembering how hard you worked throughout training can provide an amazing confidence boost, and an even better physical boost during the race.

Me, freezing my butt off before the tempo run

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