Saturday, December 28

Better Food of the Week: Kombucha

In recent years, Kombucha has increased in popularity, but it is actually . Becoming even more trendy as celebrities are caught drinking it and more and more stores begin to carry it. But, unlike other trendy drinks like Coke Zero, Vitamin Water or Izze Sparkling Juice  – Kombucha has relatively minimal sugar (although watch out for some sweetened Kombucha flavors), and tremendous health benefits through it’s fermentation and cultivation process. Fementation is actually it’s own movement that’s happening right now. For centuries, our ancestors have fermented foods – and you likely eat fermented foods weekly: pepperonis, yogurt, sour kraut, etc. Kombucha is fermented tea to be exact, which means it can introduce beneficial bacteria into your body. It promotes gut health through  … Ultimately, it help boost your immune system through beneficial gut bacteria.
As we’re drinking Kombucha more regularly - Kombucha is an acidic-acid ferment. 

 It is shown that KT can efficiently act in health prophylaxis and recovery due to four main properties: detoxification, antioxidation, energizing potencies, and promotion of depressed immunity. The recent experimental studies on the consumption of KT suggest that it is suitable for prevention against broad-spectrum metabolic and infective disorders. This makes KT attractive as a fermented functional beverage for health prophylaxis.

During this season of flu and cold germs, Brian and I like to add a Kombucha drink or two to our weekly eating plan. It’s not scientifically proven to prevent infection, but we believe!

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