Monday, November 18

Houston Marathon: Week 6

Week 6 Primary Focus:           Strength & Endurance, Speed
Longest Run To-Date:             10mi

This week's focus was slightly different in that we're beginning to incorporate speed on a regular basis. The beginning of the week started off with two off-days back-to-back. One was planned, and the other was an adjustment.


I've mentioned this in previous posts (herehere), but I'm a firm believer in having a coach if you can afford one. A customized training plan can add a ton of benefit to achieving your goals, regardless of how aggressive or modest they may be. One of the reasons coaches are so important is because they tailor your training program in real-time. As an example, if you complete a workout and the coach noticed certain aspects of that workout (pace, heart rate, other feedback) that would indicate fatigue, he or she may be likely to scale back your workload for the coming days to allow for proper recovery.

Another reason for adjustments include injury-related incidents. A coach will not continue to prescribe runs if the athlete's foot is messed up. Instead, the coach may try to incorporate low-impact aerobic exercise like cycling and swimming, supplemented with some specific weight training.

The most common reason my workout schedule is adjusted is because sometimes life gets in the way. We all live busy lives and as critical as it is to have a plan, sometimes those plans get interrupted by unforeseen events. To be able to shoot my coach a text or e-mail saying "Hey Mike, I'm not able to get my run in this evening as I'm working late" is a luxury I'm more than willing to pay for. Without hesitation, he rearranges some workouts in my schedule and tweaks a few things about some workouts. The training program is designed with intent. Just because you miss one run doesn't mean you should just double-up the following day.

More on why coaches are a good idea in a later post.

Onward and upward!

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