Tuesday, September 3

Our Trip to Tuscany!

Before diving into the first two days of our trip, it's worth backing up to our departure from Dallas.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Jess and I were up around 5:45a to make sure we got everything ready before we left for the airport. We wanted to finish up the final touches on our last post in the Whole30 series, finish packing and just generally make sure everything was organized. No matter how much preparing you do before you go out of town, you always feel like you're leaving something behind.

We left Dallas at 12:30p from DFW. A 3.5hr flight put us into JFK around 5:00p. We quickly found a food-court, scarfed down some grub, and then grabbed our connecting flight to Milan, Italy that left at 6:30p. The flight was just around 8hrs, and Kylie and I were the only two that couldn't sleep. My Mom, Dad and Jessie at least got a couple of hours in. This put us in an unfortunate situation when we landed at 8:00a local time in Italy on Saturday.

Kylie & Jessie on the first leg (still smiling!) to JFK
Sunrise, about an hour outside of Milan
Day 1: Saturday, August 31, 2013

We rented the most hilarious minivan
Dad's incident with the car

Day 2: bikes and Lucca

Day 3: Pisa

Day 4: Chinquetera -- my legs are killing me!

Day 5: Winery!

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