Wednesday, September 11

Featured Whole30'er: Chris

This if your first Whole30, why did you decide to do one?

The journey started this past December when, after sitting on the couch for years, I decided to train for and race my first Ironman 70.3.  In April I crossed the finish line to experience what has proven to be one of the most incredible moments of my life.  Simply put, the sport of triathlon has transformed my life.  After making strides in many areas of my health I still knew my diet needed help.  It was seeing friends whom I look up to in the world of triathlon trying Whole30 that got me interested. The most eye opening part has been to look at food as something that either makes us more or less healthy. Reality is, I never gave it much thought before. If it tasted good, I ate it. I certainly didn't have what anyone would consider a healthy diet and I knew drastic measures were needed. After all, I was feeling like crap even though I was working out 10-13 hours a week - something was seriously wrong.

Did it seem daunting?

Before starting, even the thought of doing Whole30 seemed terrifying, but now I understand that it's really just a matter of eating delicious foods without the many poisons. Does it take more planning? Yes, but it is so worth it. I feel better than I ever have. What people don't seem to get (and it's my biggest lesson learned thus far) is that eating "healthy" doesn't have to be boring. 

What's been the hardest part?

The hardest part has been figuring out how to properly fuel for long workouts/races. When the world around you is used to using caffeine & sugar heavy gels (i.e. "crap") there isn't much guidance for alternative sources to make sure you have the energy needed for the high intensity workouts that my coach gives me.

What's been the best part?

I feel amazing.  Until Whole30 I've never been a morning person.  Now, instead of dreading the alarm clock I typically wake up right before it goes off on my own.  The dreaded afternoon crash after lunch never happens and my mind is clearer than it has ever been.  I feel empowered to be the picture of health & wellness that I've always wanted yet never knew how to achieve.

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