Friday, September 13

August Whole30 Recap

I realize this post is long over-due. Day 30 just so happened to fall on the day Jessie, my family and I departed for vacation to Italy. The initial intent was to write our Whole30 'debrief' a few days after the program had finished. You'll have to forgive our tardiness, we were slightly distracted by Tuscany and the anti-Whole30 foods: wine and bread. Whoops.

We're now two weeks removed from August 30th and I believe that time actually did us a service for adequate reflection. In order to be thorough in this recap, I went back and re-read our entire Whole30 Journal. I wanted to be sure I wasn't being biased, nor did I want to leave anything out that was important. I then compared it with our first Whole30 we did back in October of 2012. Bumping the two programs up against one another gave me more insight. As always, it's all relative.

So here we go, our August Whole30 Recap: results, observations and why this wasn't our last one.

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