Tuesday, August 13

Holding Strong: Whole30 at a Bachelorette Party!

I have to admit, going to a Bachelorette Party while you’re in the middle of a Whole30 is not ideal.  As a time to celebrate and indulge with your girlfriends, the last thing you want to do is say no to flowing champagne and margaritas, not to mention, mouth-watering desserts and candy. Nervous for the trip, I stocked up on snacks to help distract me from all the fabulous and not-Whole30-approved food and drinks that would soon surround me.  My snack bag included clementine’s, olives, Lara bars, a Thunderbird bar, apples, beef jerky from US Wellness Meats, apple sauce and a bag of mixed nuts (cashews, pecans, almonds, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts).  

Jessie's good food travel kit
On Friday morning before I left for Charleston, SC, I made a couple of sweet potato carrot cakes to make sure I had a good breakfast to eat on the road.  And during my layover in Atlanta I found a Cobb salad for lunch.  When we finally arrived in Charleston and made it to Folly Beach, I was so excited to see everyone that I almost forgot I was doing a Whole30... well, not exactly, but I was so glad I had the courage to come and participate in the fun even on a stricter eating plan.

As we got ready for dinner at a local favorite, Taco Boy, I ate a Lara bar to make sure I wasn’t too hungry when we got the restaurant. I knew that there would be an ominously tempting and never ending bowl of tortilla chips and if I was starving, I would be a miserable person to talk to. I’m so glad I had the pre-dinner snack as we ended up have a little over an hour wait before we could order! Taco Boy turned out to be a perfect choice as they offered a gluten free menu and the ability to substitute tortillas for lettuce wraps. I had three delicious lettuce tacos of chicken, tuna and steak and couldn’t have been happier. It was also great to put my strict no-drinking policies to good use as I drove the girls back to our place from the restaurant. As some enjoyed cookies and M&Ms (my favorite!) at the house, I munched on a clementine and some nuts. I found that as long as I had a little something of my own to enjoy with everyone, I didn’t feel as sad about not being able to have the sweets.
Saturday morning I made a point to get up a little early to do a quick run -- always one of my favorite things to do at the beach. The girls had bought groceries the day before and made sure to include many items on my Whole30 approved list! I was absolutely blown away by everyone’s support and dedication to helping me stay on track and focused. After a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon and fruit, I was ready to spend time on the beach and enjoy everyone’s company. That night, we went into Charleston for an awesome seafood dinner at Coastal. I was so happy to be able to drive everyone around in the city and we had a blast celebrating Kelsey’s “Last Fling before the Ring!”
What I loved most about this trip is that there was absolutely no peer pressure or judgment from my friends.  That hardest part was really suppressing my inner longing for the sweets and desserts, especially after dinner time. But, with my own snacks to help distract me, I not only “made it through,” but had an absolute blast!  A get together with friends from all over the country are few and far between. I would never let my food choices dictate where I go and what I do, and this was a great experience to really put my will power to the test. It also showed me that people will surprise you when you’re up front and honest with them about your eating habits and goals. I know we have all struggled in social situations on the Whole30, but this past weekend really underscored for me that every moment is what you make of it. It is your attitude that can make our break how much fun you’re having. I had a great time because I wanted to be there and I wanted to spend time with my friends. It didn’t matter if I couldn’t have a couple of cookies or drinks. I didn’t need it. I can be social and enjoy others' company perfectly fine without it, and wasn’t that the true goal of the weekend anyway?
Jess and the bride-to-be Kelsey 
We would love to hear about your experiences and how you’re overcoming social fears and the trials of traveling. Please share in the comments section below! Also, be sure to check out Whole9's travel guide here -- a lot of great tips and tricks for the next time you're away from home on a Whole30 (or just trying to eat healthy!).
P.S. If anyone wants to do a Whole30 during my bachelorette, I’m all for it! A designated driver is a very useful person to have on hand! :-)

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