Wednesday, August 7

Featured Whole30'er: Stacy

Why did you do your first Whole30?

I would love to say I was inspired to do this diet 'just because', but the real motive was to get in shape for wedding dress shopping! I have done diets in the past, and during most of them I hated my life and didn't have enough results in the end. Then, I was just frustrated and took that out on eating like crap again. I think one main reason Whole30 worked for me was because it wasn't just a list of foods that I could and could not eat. I really learned what foods were good for me and why they were good for me. For me, having an understanding of why something works, really helps me get through things.

Why are you doing another?

I decided to do Whole30 again because I really loved how I felt on the diet. Now don't get me wrong, that first week or so I hated life. But towards the end of it my energy level was off the charts. I think it's fair to say I am somewhat of a lazy person. I enjoy my chill time, my TV time, and most importantly my nap time! When doing Whole30, I found myself not getting that 2 o'clock haze. I had energy to keep moving! I also noticed a change with my digestion and my skin. All of which help make a person happy! I love how easily my diet habits changed even when I was done with my first Whole30. My grain and dairy intake did not increase significantly when I was done. I was able to keep to the majority of the same foods, with a few exceptions.

Any advice for folks doing their first?

My advice for people who are doing a Whole30 for the first time would be to make sure you plan ahead! In the beginning it is tedious and annoying, but it is so helpful in the long run. I know it's annoying to have to cook ground beef after you have already made dinner, but when you come home at 9:45pm the next night and open the fridge and see that beef, you will be thankful! My other tip of advice for people is to really dive into the diet; you can't half-ass this diet. It is to your benefit to learn the foods you can have, experiment with new recipes, and understand why it all works. Also, remember to look at all the results after it is over. Too many people get fixated on the scale and a number, and get discouraged easily. To be honest, my weight was one of the smallest changes on my results list. I had bigger strides in my overall energy, my skin, inches off my waist and just plain feeling good! I don't worry as much about a number on a scale as I do about how I feel in my clothes and how I feel during the day!

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