Sunday, August 4

Featured Whole30'er: Pam

Why did you do a Whole30?

To hit the reset button on my compulsive, emotional, addictive eating habits. I've tried many times to kick my food addiction; the constant want for salty and sweet foods.  It was like being on a merry-go-round.  The more sugar and bad cards I ate, the more I wanted. Whole30 helped push me off that vicious cycle. I finished 20 days ago and I'm still amazed at the miracle that has happened to me. I no longer walk around in a sugar stupor or carb coma. My mind is clear and I feel alive again.

Why will you continue to eat Paleo/Primal?

A few years ago I discovered my gluten intolerance. Like so many others, I sought out grain substitutes for the wheat, rye, and barley I could no longer eat. Whole30 educated me on a better eating plan that is grain-free. They also talk about your "gut" area.  Even though I had gone gluten free, my "gut" hadn't fully healed because of my poor eating habits. Whole30 provided a way to rid my body of all of the inflammation going on.  It's hard to describe (or maybe it would just be TMI!) but I can tell how well my body is doing inside.

What advice do you have for folks who are doing their first Whole30?

Listen to your body.  Be patient and trust in the Whole30 process. They stress to not cheat on the eating plan. Don't cheat yourself out of a blessing. Do this for yourself. You deserve it!

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