Wednesday, August 21

Featured Whole30'er: Esther

This is your first Whole30, why did you decide to do one?

When my friends did a Whole30 earlier this year, I vividly remember saying “I could never do that in my lifetime!” I am the biggest fan of rice, cheese and everything Whataburger. A few months ago I had my routine medical check-up. Everything came back too high or too low and my doctor was so confused as to how a 24-year-old girl was so unhealthy. I knew it was all the crap I was choosing to put in my body. I decided to do Whole30 to better my life with the simple choice of eating good food.

Did it seem daunting?

Absolutely! As much as I wanted to actively change my eating habits, I worried that the reality of habitually eating poorly for 20+ years was going to be stronger than my desire for change. I am extremely determined and can honestly say I would never have given up on Whole30 once I started, but I was worried I would be miserable for 30 straight days.
What's been the hardest part?

The hardest part about doing a Whole30 is going out to eat. Most restaurants are not convenient for the Whole30’er. Once you get passed the temptation of the glorious bread basket, you have to ask the waiter, “Is there sugar in that dressing? Is this steak grass-fed? Is it cooked in butter?” I was that girl. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of delicious, Whole30-approved choices at many places, but the inconvenience of not being able to order exactly what I want has been super annoying.

Although it’s been tough, the silver lining is that this process has proven that I can go to a restaurant and be full and satisfied with a healthy option. Another big step toward a healthier lifestyle!

What's been the best part?

The best part of Whole30 is the drastic improvement in my physical and mental health! I’ve noticed a lot of changes to my body inside and out that have affected me only for the better.  Another wonderful part of participating in Whole30 is simply the satisfaction in accomplishing it. I don’t judge people who choose not do Whole30, but I can feel proud that I’m choosing to do it. It’s also been so encouraging to have a great group of people to share this with!

I don’t promise that I will strictly eat like this forever, but I can say that Whole30 has been a wonderful kick start to a new way of viewing and eating food! It’s exciting to think that the these 30 days truly will have an impact on the rest of my life!

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