Sunday, August 11

Featured Whole30'er: Chelsie

Why'd you do your first Whole30?

My first Whole30 was this past April. I made a split-second decision to start April 1st because I'd heard Kylie talk about it a few months prior. I was a bit bored with my life, April 1st was a Monday and I had no plans for the month. I am an organized person by nature and I like challenges, so pushing myself for 30 days of a strict plan seemed like a good idea. I ordered It Starts With Food, received it the last week of March and read it in two days. I've always been interested in nutrition and I love food, so this challenge spoke to me. Plus, like I said, I was bored! 

Why are you doing another Whole30?

Apparently, I like to punish myself on months starting with "A." Haha!

Kylie encouraged me again to do this round, but I finally chose to because I wanted to learn how to eat in a whole, clean way my whole life without a "roller-coaster"-like eating habit. You know, strict Whole30 for a month, then crazy grain-alcohol-frozen yogurt-fest for two months, then back to Whole30 again. I'm looking to find that balance.

This round, I'm focusing on how I feel when eating certain foods and which foods outside of the protocol are most important for me to add back in. Like I said, I love food and have a passion for cooking, so wrapping my head around no grains and no dairy was hard at first. But my first Whole30 showed me I was more than capable of awesome, creative cooking with a plant and meat-based diet. I hope this Whole30 shows me how to map out a life-long plan of feeling awesome. The last week of April was one of the best weeks in recent memory -- I was happy, springy and slept so well. My mood was consistent and my body felt strong. My goal is to feel like that all the time. 

Advice for those who are doing their first?

1. Don't focus so hard on the rules, just keep it simple. Cooking isn't something only certain people can do -- recipes were created so anyone can follow them step-by-step to make a meal. Food doesn't have to be pretty or complicated to be delightful, just needs to meet a basic need (fuel your body) while appeasing your senses (tasting good). 

2. For the partiers out there: Don't be so afraid to be sober. At first it seems easier to avoid going out with friends or to happy hours because you can't indulge, but drinking club soda isn't that big of a differentiator. Sitting alone on your couch will make you feel worse than being the sober friend at the bar - you'll have more fun than you think! 

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