Thursday, August 1

Featured Whole30'er: Chaille & Trey

Why did you do your first Whole30?
Four years ago we encountered the idea that food was meant to be our medicine and medicine our food. It's been a gradual progression since then, with everything culminating last fall when Brian introduced us to the Whole9 lifestyle. Admittedly, we are total gluttons for counter-intuitive and especially counterculture truths, so it was love at first sight. As we read more, the scientific and anecdotal evidence for the havoc some foods wreak on our bodies – despite the way society spins them as healthy choices – quickly piled up in an insurmountable and undeniable way. We were officially converts. Ready for nutritional boot camp, we jumped on a Whole30 ASAP.
Why are you doing another? 
Our first Whole30 changed our lives, and our second Whole30 solidified big picture eating habits. So we have high expectations for Whole30 #3. After experiencing the insane levels of emotional, physical and mental health found in freedom from emotional enslavement to food, we’d be masochistic not to keep the habits strong with intermittent Whole30s. And August seemed like a fine enough time as any.
What advice do you have for folks who are doing their first? 
Get pumped up and get convicted. Those two things begin with education, so read as much as you can and learn the science behind the eating philosophy. Once all the pieces start coming together for you about what’s going on inside your body, it’ll be easier to stay on track. More practically speaking, have a cooking day on Saturday or Sunday to prepare meals for the rest of the week. Find a few meals you really enjoy and just rotate them throughout the 30 days. Kick preoccupations with calories to the curb. Last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of a soda water and lime mocktail at the bar.   

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