Friday, July 26

Featured Whole30'er: Kylie

Why did you do your first Whole30?

I decided to commit to the Whole30 right after New Year's because I had been pretty unhealthy over the holidays and was tired of feeling like crap. I needed a change. I figured the start of a new year was the perfect time to make a change. So I went for it.

Why are you doing another Whole30?

The way I felt during and after my first Whole30 was probably the best I've ever felt. I could see and feel a significant difference in myself (energy, physical appearance, overall health, etc.) and it was really exciting! The Whole30 made me establish much better eating habits and made me aware of what foods are doing to my body.  Why wouldn't I want to feel that good again?  Plus, it helps that a lot of people are taking on the challenge this time, which will make it more social and engaging.

What advice do you have for folks who are doing their first Whole30?

Stick to it. The first week is difficult and you will want to punch someone, but it's worth it. Talk about it with friends and family. It's exciting when you find other people that are interested in your Whole30 journey and it's exciting to inspire others. Plan out your weeks and know what you will have for meals so that you aren't tempted to fall off the path. You will feel and see a difference, but it won't happen overnight. Patience, preparedness and commitment are key. If you have those three things, there's nothing that can stop you.

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