Sunday, July 28

Featured Whole30'er: Eric

Why did you do your first Whole30?

The main reason I did my first Whole30 was to lose weight, weight that I had been trying and failing at for the last year. With two coworkers/friends about to start this new way of eating it seemed like as good of a time as any to try something new.

Why are you doing another Whole30?

I am doing another Whole30 because I know how well it works.  With that, I also know how easy it is to slip back into your old, bad eating habits.  During my first Whole30 I lost 3 pant sizes, 10 pounds, had zero heartburn, and rarely, if ever, had to use my asthma inhaler.  The even more shocking part to me was that I experienced all of these results while exercising very little.  I know the benefits and I know the cost…and the cost of being unhealthy is much higher than the cost of saying no to dessert.

What advice do you have for folks who are doing their first Whole30?

"The biggest advice I would give somebody trying Whole30 for the first time would be to try to start the program with others.  Changing your eating habits is not easy, drastically changing your eating habits is even harder.  When you have a support group that is all in it together it makes it easier when you are able to talk with your friends about the high’s and low’s that your body will experience during this lifestyle change.  Not to mention the fact that nobody wants to be the first person to fail…or lie about staying true to the diet!"

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