Tuesday, July 30

Featured Whole30'er: Curtis & Jenn

This Whole30'er is actually "These Whole30'ers." Curtis & Jenn, one of the coolest couples we know, are back to do another Whole30!

Why did you do your first Whole30?

Curtis: There were multiple reasons I decided to do my first Whole30.  First and foremost, a good friend of mine (who happens to be one of the authors of this blog) gave me It Starts With Food for Christmas, and in it was a really nice note. It said: "This will change your life, I promise you." I knew that Brian was sincere and he wouldn't have given me advice to try a Whole30 if there wasn't something to it. There were also some coworkers (including Brian) who were doing it and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it with them.  I was honestly just curious about the whole thing and didn't really expect much. What happened was absolutely incredible. I lost 15lbs during the month without working out more than 3–5 times the ENTIRE month. I slept so well every night (after about day 10!) and my energy levels were through the roof. I had a certain clarity that is hard to put into words, but I just felt like my head was clear.  It changed the way I look at food and my attitude towards food. I didn't realize just how poor my food choices were until I stepped back and took a look at what I was eating.  

Jenn: I did my first Whole30 to support Curtis. He really wanted to do it, so I figured why not! The first week was a little hard, but after that it was honestly amazing! I never realized how bad I felt on a day to day basis until I felt REALLY good eating super nutritious foods. It is amazing how fabulous you can feel by changing what you put on your plate.

Why are you doing another?

Curtis:  Short answer, I've "fallen off the band wagon" and need to hit the reset button.  I am getting married in 7 months and I want to kick start getting back into shape, working out, etc.  I truly enjoyed how I felt during the Whole30 and I honestly miss it. I felt amazing and my body/mind was so in sync; it is a wonderful feeling that I hope everyone gets to enjoy. I also know there is a large group of people doing the Whole30 and it makes it easier to do this with a group. Jenn is totally on board and I can't wait to experience and try new recipes with her!

Jenn: Curtis summed it up perfectly. Right after we completed our first Whole30 we got a little too excited and ended up going back to a lot of our not-so-good habits. I am really excited to dive head first into this month and make lifestyle changes to stay on the wagon!

Any advice for people doing one that haven't done one before?

Curtis: Three things. 1) Prepare weekly 2) If possible, do it with someone 3) Be patient and enjoy it! Going to the grocery store and planning what you're going to eat throughout the week is huge. I tell everyone to start the first week with an awesome Whole30 chili.  It is easy to make, lasts a few days for lunch, and is delicious! Also, invest in a crock pot, it is amazing putting chicken breasts and salsa in the crock pot and coming home to delicious shredded chicken (that you can put on top of a sweet potato) at night!  When I did my first Whole30, Jenn was on board and very supportive. It was so nice having someone to talk to about how I was feeling and to hold me accountable during social events. It was also so fun to enjoy the victories with her!  Find a friend, roommate or engage in an online community and do it together. It will make it easier and more enjoyable! Lastly, be patient. There will be bad days, you will have cravings and your stomach might hurt at first. But after about 10 days all of that goes away and you feel absolutely amazing. I really noticed the biggest difference (both physical and mental) from day 14 and on. It was as if a switch went on after two weeks and everything started clicking. Do yourself a favor and give this a shot, "it'll change your life. I promise you!"

Jenn: First, READ THE BOOK! The first time around, I never read the book. I just Google searched "Whole30 recipes" and went from there. I finally read the book a week ago and it has made a huge difference in my mindset. I can't believe I didn't read it sooner! Second, don't get caught up in making Paleo pancakes, muffins, sweet potato chips or anything else to help with your cravings. The point is to get your mind to stop craving those things, not to make a substitute that really is not as good as the real thing. Stick to the recipes that are in the book or the Whole30-approved ones on this blog. I think you will really like them, probably even more than sugary/salty processed foods! Lastly, don't weigh yourself. We got really caught up in the weight we lost, instead of how good we felt.

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