Wednesday, July 3

Better Food of the Week: Grass-Fed Butter

Growing up, butter was always something I was taught to avoid. If I had to have it,  Smart Balance or some form of margarine was the better choice.... right?! Oh, how wrong I was! 

We've come to learn that grass-fed butter has tremendous benefits for your health. It's rich in vitamins A, K, D and E and has a wealth of essential omega 3's, CLA and beta carotene. This guy, Dave Asprey, lost more than 100lbs by eating grass-fed butter everyday! Check out his awesome info-graphic on what makes grass-fed butter so great and read this article by Mark Sisson here.

We use butter to cook, or top off a delicious sweet potato with. We even add it to our coffee! For another option for those on Whole30, try Ghee.

Butter recommendation here.
Ghee recommendation here.

Quit the fake stuff! Real, wholesome and grass-fed anything, especially butter, is better, and tastier too. Enjoy!

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