Wednesday, June 12

Raw Milk Extravaganza

The first time I milked a cow was at Camp Gwynn Valley in Brevard North Carolina when I around 10 or so. I spent several summers there horse back riding, river rafting, and all the things that go a long with summer camp. But, the unique thing about Gwynn Valley is they have an extensive farm where you get to milk the cows and goats, feed the baby farm animals, pick the vegetables, etc. With all the fresh food and produce provided to us, I think it's amazing the strongest food memory I have from there is the incredible corn bread. I'm speculating, but I'm certain it was made with raw milk. 

There's something wonderful about milking a cow and tasting raw milk. It's wonderful until you're on a finca in Costa Rica and the cow decides it's time to go to the bathroom while you're milking it, which 

Wall Street Journal article on raw milk

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