Friday, June 21

Better Food of the Week: La Croix

I used to be like you. Craving, wanting, needing a Diet Coke everyone afternoon around 2pm - 3pm. I knew it was bad for me – probably softening my bones, inadvertently increasing sugar cravings or causing other harmful issues. But, I couldn't break the habit. I needed my afternoon pick-me-up.

Then, I committed to doing a Whole30 (which Brian will tell you more about in his posts) and was finally empowered and committed to quitting my soda habit cold turkey. At least for 30 days! ... Geez... you'd think I was a life-long smoker or addict. (That's what sugar/false sugars like aspartame do to you!).

I found La Croix to drink instead and fell in love with it. Drinking it feels like you're having a specialty drink, but it's just sparkling water - no sugar, no aspartame. I know you know the facts and that soda is bad for you. And, I know it can be very hard to quit drinking it. But try substituting La Croix for one or two sodas you might have during the week. It just might help you stop the soda/sugar craving madness and reclaim a better, healthy, soda-free lifestyle.  I think you'll find a lot of that soda-grab was just mental, a habit as opposed to a legitimate necessity.

My favorite natural flavors are coconut, grapefruit and lime!

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