Thursday, December 27

Whole30 GroupMe

Hey guys! For those that don't know, “GroupMe” is a pretty cool application that can serve as a group text through your cell phone, or a private chat room through your tablet or laptop. For the January Whole30, Jessie and I figured we’d give this a try!

We’d love to offer something similar and figured GroupMe could serve as the platform. It’s free, private, you don’t have to give out your cell phone number to folks, and it doesn't take up as much data like SMS can. Also, you can manage the alert settings so you’re not getting pinged when you don’t want to.

If you’re interested in joining to be a part of our January Whole30 GroupMe, click the following link. Feel free to pass it off to anyone you know who is also doing a January Whole30. 

Some people have complained of receiving both SMS text messages and alerts via the GroupMe application on your mobile device. If you're experiencing this, skip to the bottom of this page where we outline a fix. (Thanks to Scott for the tip!)

A few tips regarding GroupMe...

After you click the above link, be sure to follow the step-by-step instructions on installing the application on your mobile device or tablet. You'll want to sync your phone by verifying your cell phone number. It also makes things easier to connect with your Facebook account.

You don't have to be alerted each time a message comes through. To turn off notifications, when you're in the group chat, slide the screen to the right. You can turn the radio button on the bottom right on and off to receive notifications. 

Notifications Off
Notifications On

You can launch GroupMe through your computer as a chat room; you don't have to be on your phone to utilize it. Simply go to and log-in.

For general support, go to GroupMe's site here


  1. On a computer or via a web browser on your phone (not in the GroupMe application on your mobile device) visit the GroupMe website.
  2. Click 'Log in' and put in your credentials (or log-in via Facebook if you initially signed up that way).
  3. Once logged in, click your name (e.g. Freddy, Casey, etc.) in the upper right corner and then click 'Profile.'
  4. Scroll down the bottom of the page and click 'Stop SMS Service.'

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